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This isn’t my first blog about food.

I started writing about my relationship with food, both cooking and eating, back in January of this year when I set myself a challenge to lose weight. I’d spent many years watching my weight yo-yo – from 95kg to 150kg and anywhere inbetween – and had finally reached the point where I wanted to get off the rollercoaster and live a healthier life.

The main motivation came from the fact that I’m getting married in September and I didn’t want to be clinically obese on the big day. A part of it was selfish and shallow – I wanted to have nice clothes, memories and photographs to look back on – but the main reason was that I wanted to be able to look forward to the future with my new husband without having to worry too much about my health.

I started a blog as a way of recording that journey but kept it all anonymous – I wanted it to be a matter of public record as a way of motivating me to keep going, but I wanted it to be private enough that I could hide behind the blog if everything went wrong. I called it the 8 Month Challenge, as it would be 8 full months (34 weeks in all) from the day I started until the wedding.

I wrote a daily diary talking about the food I was eating, the exercise I was doing and the weight I was watching fall away. I didn’t follow a diet plan – I used MyFitnessPal and some extreme willpower to keep my food intake under 1,800 calories per day.

Up to today I’ve lost 26kg (57lbs or just over 4 stones) and there’s still a month to go – you can continue to read it (and the next 4 weeks of updates) at http://8monthchallenge.wordpress.com if you want to see how the challenge ends.

But I wanted to start moving on from the purely weight loss focussed side of it. Not because I’m done – I could still do with losing another 10-15kg – but because I’ve found the most enjoyment in talking about the food itself.s

Whether it’s a quick snack, a dinner in a fancy restaurant or, more enjoyably, trying out new recipes in my own kitchen I’ve absolutely loved talking about food and the emotions and memories it evokes in me.

That’s what this blog is all about – food that I’ve loved eating and food that I’ve loved creating. Food Rocks* – at least I think it does!

– Scott

* Oh and if you’re wondering why a 30-something thinks that’s an acceptable thing to say I should mention that I’m a geologist by education (and professionally for 8 years straight after university) and couldn’t help but sneak in a little pun here. Sorry, not sorry!

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